Saturday, July 6, 2013

A work in progress

This is my first dollhouse I am making, it is made out of foam board.

Side view
The doll house is constructed using E6000 glue and small straight pins. The doll house walls and flours are painted in acrylic. 
Front interior view- all of the wallpaper in the dollhouse I printed of the Internet. Jennifer's printables is a great place to find all kinds of stuff to print out to use in doll houses.
First floor view
Second flour view 
Attic view
Detail stairs. Stairs are made out of foam board.
Detail fireplace. This is my most favorite part of my doll house so far, the exterior is made out of foam board and is paints rad with painted on brick work, I painted the fire in the fire place.
Side view exterior side view of house 
Exterior front view of house 

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